What does CSU’s Faculty Success program do?

How CSU's Faculty Success Program Uses Evidence-Based Strategies to Recruit, Advance, and Retain Excellent Faculty

Data on CSU faculty hiring, promotion, and retention demonstrate clear inequities across race and gender identity, with faculty women of color experiencing the greatest impacts. The Faculty Success program aims to effect change in CSU cultures, structures, and climate to address these inequities, with a focus on making measurable improvement to the conditions impacting faculty women of color.  

A Closer Look at Faculty Success Programming and Resources

Faculty Success is structured into four key initiatives: Recruitment and Retention, Recognition and Fulfillment, Culture and Climate, and Leadership. Each initiative supports a suite of collaborative activities and resources:

Recruitment and Retention: 
Goal: Reframe the faculty search processes to effectively attract diverse pools of outstanding applicants. Gather and evaluate data on faculty departures and retentions.

Faculty Success Activities:

  • Partner with CSU Talent Development to create a suite of resources for faculty recruitment, including (1) a new faculty search chair training, (2) an updated faculty search manual, and (3) a faculty recruitment best practice toolkit. Additionally, Faculty Success has worked to compile and share resources on equitable search practices.
  • Participate in Harvard’s COACHE program to study faculty departures and retentions at CSU. This three-year study will conclude in 2024 and produce a rich dataset mapping trends and dynamics in faculty retention and departure specifically at CSU. CSU data will also be benchmarked with the data from hundreds of peer institutions participating in COACHE research.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE) and Talent Development to revitalize and reestablish a permanent exit interview process for faculty.
  • Collaborate with Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness (IRP&E) on a new data tracking tool for tracking tenure-track faculty retention. Faculty Success presented the tool to the Provost’s Leadership Council in fall 2023, with each dean receiving a report on retention data from their college.

Recognition & Fulfillment: 
Goal: Promote equity for all CSU faculty through evaluation, promotion, tenure processes and workload distributions, to support outstanding scholarship and teaching.

Faculty Success Activities:

  • Deliver best practices workshops and fora focused on engaging faculty at all levels to foster equity in evaluation, promotion, and tenure processes. The next fora will take place via Zoom on April 18 from 9:00-10:30 am. RSVP to attend!
  • Lead the Workload Equity Task Force in collaboration with CoGen and CoNTFF to advance transparent, accountable, and equitable workload distribution practices at CSU. 
  • Offer Experiential Learning workshops featuring WAGES, a gender-equity simulation activity demonstrating how gender bias accumulates throughout faculty careers. The Faculty Success team has partnered with department leaders to encourage members of promotion and tenure committees to attend the training.

Goal: Support leaders of academic units in their equity efforts and foster accountability for equity-based goals and outcomes across CSU

Faculty Success Activities:

  • Chair/Head Institute for Inclusive Excellence (CHIIE): An intensive, two-day workshop designed to specifically support Chairs and Heads in making demonstrable progress toward equity, diversity, and inclusion goals in their academic units. Workshop developed and facilitated in partnership with OIE.
  • Support the development and implementation of unit-specific equity-promoting practices through the IDEA program. CHIIE participants, including department Chairs and Heads, are eligible for one-time IDEA mini-grants, funding up to $6,000 for departmental projects that promote equity. Past examples include awards for posting faculty positions in diverse hiring forums and developing faculty onboarding programs. A total of $74,000 has been awarded so far, supporting projects in 10 different CSU departments.

Culture & Climate: 
Goal: Empower faculty to enact change within their spheres of influence and to foster support faculty networks at CSU and beyond.

Faculty Success Activities:

  • Advocates and Allies: A network of CSU faculty members from each college who advance intersectional equity through peer engagement and strategic resource and policy development. Groups are working on developing resource toolkits around faculty mentoring, onboarding, promotion and tenure, and other important topics.
  • EnCircle: A mentoring network designed to support women and non-binary faculty members across a variety of disciplines and appointment types, including opt-in mentoring groups focused on tenure and on issues facing faculty members of color. EnCircle is in its sixth year and has served more 200 faculty members at CSU, helping them achieve a greater sense of belonging, connection, and work-life balance.
  • Offered the Speak Out virtual workshop on bias awareness and intervention in Fall 2022.
  • Created and piloted a new workshop on Interrupting Bias, Initiating Dialogue, and Inviting Change (IBICID). The workshop is based on the Call In/Call Out framework and examines case studies based on the actual experiences of bias of faculty at CSU.

The Impact of Faculty Success Programs

In the 2023 academic year alone, Faculty Success delivered more than 1,000 hours of programming that reached approximately 31% of all CSU faculty. These faculty represent 49 academic departments spread out across all eight colleges and the Libraries at CSU. Based on participant feedback and stakeholder engagement, we continue to develop new programs and initiatives in service of our goal to promoteequity and faculty success at CSU. Spring 2024 marks the start of the Faculty Success’ third year, and we look forward to continuing to forge collaborations across campus to advance these important efforts and make CSU an outstanding place for faculty to work and thrive!

A graphic showing the impact of Faculty Success

Author Information: This blog post was written by Jen Dawrs. Jen is the Program Manager for Faculty Success at CSU.