CHIEE meeting April 28, 2023.

Chairs & Heads Institute for Inclusive Excellence

Informed by scholarship and higher education theory, CHIIE provides an intentional opportunity for Chairs and Heads to further develop awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to make demonstrable progress toward equity, diversity, and inclusion goals.  

Participant Outcomes: 

  • Examine the most effective strategies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in your department and how to integrate them into all departmental functions and structures.
  • Use an inclusion lens to analyze and revise policies and practices to create greater equity and inclusion in your department.
  • Identify evidence-based practices to recruit, retain, and promote a diverse faculty and staff.
  • Develop strategies to navigate the challenges of leading a division-wide effort to create greater inclusion for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Develop a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion plan (DEI strategic plan) for your department.
  • Develop a plan to conduct your organization DEI assessment process.

Program Overview: 

Session 1 (4 hours): Leading DEI efforts; recruitment, retention, and promotion
Session 2 (4 hours): Developing strategic plans to maximize departmental equity based on the Multicultural Organization Development Model [Jackson, B. W (2006). Theory and practice of multicultural organization development. In Jones, B. B. & Brazzel, M. (Eds.), The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change (pps. 139 154). San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.; also]

Registration Open — CHIIE

Registration is now open for the Fall 2024 Chairs and Heads Institute for Inclusive Excellence. The two sessions will include lunch and will take place 12:30-4:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 10 and Friday, Nov. 17. All CSU Chairs and Heads are encouraged to participate.

Participant Feedback:

IDEA Grant

CHIIE participants are eligible to apply for an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) mini-grant.

IDEA grants fund departmental changes that promote gender equity in hiring, mentoring, and supporting faculty members. IDEA grant projects should focus on plans with measurable outcomes and sustainability of efforts. Maximum funds allotted for each grant are $6,000. This may include leveraging existing activities or funds within a department.

Examples of how funds may be used include: 1) buying a department member’s time out to implement training or programs that moves towards department transformation; 2) supporting department members’ travel to professional development trainings, 3) helping fund a department retreat to explore how to implement new programs, 4) as incentive for Faculty to participate in the Faculty Institute for Inclusive Excellence Program.

The IDEA grant application for the Fall 2022 CHIIE session is coming soon.

Previous CHIIE Participants

Alexander Brandl - Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Barry Braun - Health and Exercise Science
Craig Partridge - Computer Science
Dawn Mallette - School of Education
Deborah Garrity - Biology
Don Rojas - Psychology
Elissa Braunstein - Economics
Gregg Dean - Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Haonan Wang - Statistics
Jacob Roberts - Physics
Jimena Sagas - Libraries
Jonathan Carlyon - Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Joshua Berning - Agricultural and Resource Economics
Julie Rieker - Human Development and Family Studies
Khursheed Mama - Clinical Sciences
Laurie Stargell - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Lisa Kutcher - Accounting
Louann Reid - English
Matthew Shores - Chemistry
Megan Lewis - Theatre
Mica Glantz - Anthropology and Geography
Paul Goodrum - Construction Management
Saffron Henke - Theatre
Santiago Di Pietro - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Susan Faircloth - School of Education
Susan Lana - Clinical Oncology
Alexander Hulpke - Mathematics
Amy Charkowski - Agricultural Biology
Bret Smith - Biomedical Sciences
Charles Shackelford - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Charlotte Bright - School of Social Work
Chris Pires - Soil and Crop Sciences
Dave Gilliland - Marketing
Edwin Chong - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Greg Dickinson - Communication Studies
Hayley Chouinard - Agricultural and Resource Economics
Marilee Long - Journalism and Media Communication
Mengmeng Gu - Horticulture and Landscape Architecture