Experiential Learning Workshop

This interactive workshop series employs a game (based on extensive research) to examine how equity issues can influence promotion along the academic tenure-track. For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions for the workshop.

The workshop is relevant to all CSU faculty members. Faculty involved in Review, Promotion & Tenure (P&T) processes and chairs of departmental P&T processes are highly encouraged to participate. Email Program Manager Jen Dawrs at [email protected] to learn about bringing the workshop to your unit.

Annual Promotion, Tenure, and Review Forum

Recording and Q&A from forum on April 18, 2024 coming soon

Forum held on February 9, 2023

Recording of the virtual forum
Forum slide presentation

Forum held on March 24, 2022

Recording of the virtual forum
Forum slide presentation
Questions and answers from the forum

Forum held on January 28, 2022

Forum slide presentation

CSU Resources on Promotion, Tenure, and Review

Teaching Effectiveness Framework

TILT’s Teaching Effectiveness Framework supports faculty success in the annual review process and tenure and promotion. TILT recommends a 4-step process for annual review of teaching that includes collecting evidence of teaching effectiveness that can be used for promotion and tenure.

Additional Resources