Digging into Promotion and Tenure

Over the Next Few Weeks, Elevating Equity will Highlight Blog Posts Related to Promotion and Tenure at CSU

Over the next two weeks, Elevating Equity will feature blogs focusing on the promotion and tenure (P&T) process. Going through the P&T process can be highly stressful, and faculty receive many different messages and pieces of advice about the ways to approach the process. Through our blog posts in these coming weeks, several guest authors will explore the challenge of unwritten rules in P&T, how biases can exacerbate inequities throughout P&T processes, and other important insights into P&T at CSU. Our goal with these blogs is to provide faculty with additional resources as they prepare their materials or begin thinking carefully about their next P&T moves. In addition, Faculty Success is sponsoring its annual Promotion and Tenure Forum on Thursday, April 18 at 9:00 am via Zoom (register here). We encourage faculty (especially those beginning their own P&T journeys) to attend this forum as it is a great resource to explore expectations, best practices, and norms around P&T at CSU. Additionally, videos of past fora are available on the Faculty Success website along with Faculty Success resources to support faculty throughout the P&T process.

In addition to these resources, the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) produced a multi-part web series on preparing P&T materials. The three-part series focuses on best practices for P&T dossiers regardless of field, including key skills like telling the story of your research, demonstrating the meaningful impact of your work, and outlining important teaching accomplishments. They also provide valuable resources (like a Research Statement Checklist) that can help faculty think about the ways to talk about and frame their work. This series is available to all faculty on the NCFDD website through CSU’s institutional membership.

Check back throughout the next few weeks for additional posts related to P&T, including more resources to support all stakeholders throughout the P&T process!

Author Information: This blog post was written by Meara Faw. Meara is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Provost Leadership Fellow.