Welcome to Elevating Equity!

Elevating Equity: The Faculty Success Blog for Spring 2024

Welcome to Elevating Equity, a spring 2024 blog sponsored by Faculty Success at CSU! We are excited to launch this new initiative, and our goal is to provide a space for sharing and connection related to key ideas central to faculty success. Throughout spring semester, we will regularly share entries centering the importance of faculty success at CSU. We will address various topics, including:

  • Ongoing efforts to promote faculty thriving at CSU by both the Faculty Success team and others across campus.
  • Recent developments and opportunities related to the successful retention and recruitment of diverse faculty at CSU.
  • National conversations around faculty success and ways to address the needs of faculty in our ever-evolving higher education climate.
  • Key insights and data related to retention, recruitment, climate, and culture at CSU.

Why Elevating Equity?

When deciding on what to call our blog, the idea of equity resonated as central to the mission and goals of Faculty Success. Faculty Success’ mission is to implement and empower evidence-based strategies for equity and success in faculty work. Hence, the goal of all of our endeavors in Faculty Success come back—in one way or another—to our commitment to elevating equity.

We hope that you will enjoy the content and resources shared through Elevating Equity, and we look forward to collaborating with the CSU community through this new blog!

Author Information: This blog post was written by Meara Faw. Meara is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and a 2023-2024 Provost Leadership Fellow working on the Faculty Success Team.